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Kite Kits

Win a Levee PRIZE PACK

This spring The Levee is Going Global with the international past time of kite flying. Get involved for your chance to win a $500 prize pack.


In response to the continuing COVID-19 situation, The Levee in collaboration with artist Nina Katzmarkski had developed a special kite kit that you can assemble at home, just in time for the school holidays. With an overwhelming response and have run out of kite kits. However, please see the simple items below you need to create your own kit from scratch at home. You can click on the video to the right for a full step to step video tutorial on how to construct your kite.

Kites, originally invented in Asia, have become a popular activity right around the world. Many designs and styles exist from simple shapes to ones shaped like animals. There are kites that soar gracefully in the wind and kites that ‘fight’ by attempting to cut its competitor’s string. 


Thank you to everyone who entered into The Levee Kite Kit promotion. A big congratulations to Sienna and Archer who were the lucky winners. 

We will leave the instructions below on how to make your own kite a little longer for you and your family to complete.


It’s great to see so many people are keen to get creative and make a kite these school holidays. Due to an overwhelming response we have run out of kite kits, but don’t worry you only require a few materials to make your own kite from scratch.

If you would like to make your own kite kit at home, here’s what you will need:

  • An old piece of fabric or durable plastic at least 45cm x 30cms cut into the kite shape on the instructions. TIP: use strong tape on the sides before you punch the string holes to prevent the material from tearing
  • Two 30cm pieces of dowel or sticks. Try not to have any sharp edges that might damage the kite
  • Around 30 metres of cotton twine
  • A paddle pop stick or similar to make a handle to wrap kite line around
  • Two strips of flagging tape or similar about one metre long.

Once you have these materials you can follow the instructions below to make your kite. You can even experiment with different shapes and materials to see what works best.

Download the instructions on how to make your kite here

prize pack participating businesses

Prize pack terms and conditions

terms and conditions
  • The winner will negotiate with Council officers on an appropriate method to receive the giftpack
  • Only two kite kit per household
  • Entrants to the giftpack competition must use the hashtags #TheLevee and #KiteKits on Facebook or Instagram and ensure their profile settings are public
  • By using the hashtags #TheLevee and #KiteKits the entrant agrees to their post being shared on Maitland City Council’s social media platforms
  • Entries close Monday 11 October at 5.00pm
  • The winner will be picked through a random draw on 12 October 2021 at 12.00pm (midday)
  • The winner’s name and suburb will be published on The Levee website and included in a post on The Levee’s Facebook page
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