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Living Sculptures


Living Sculptures is inspired by the shapes and colours of the natural world and explores our relationship with nature in an urban environment.

Take a stroll to the Riverside Walk and discover more colourful artworks, from the Bourke St Link all the way to the Riverside Carpark and The Shared Zone.

Art at The Levee is part of #ChangingColours 

Each Reach River Run by Jen Denzin

Each Reach River Run represents the Hunter River as living history, an artery, something which gives and takes, supplies and receives, snakes and morphs, enriches and depletes. Something which gives life to and supports local flora.

Cedar table legs suggest the thriving cedar forests which flanked the river during the 1800s. Swivelling timber pieces tell the story of cedar getters.

Ship masts, sub tropical leafy clumps, surveyor’s tape, hay bale twine, livestock feedbags and picnic ware are selected moments from the River’s story.

Check out Jen’s Instagram page for more amazing art.

The Spin of Seasons by Sally Anderson

Although Sally usually works in oil paint on linen, this breathable piece uses the natural world to breeze its magic. Fabric is stitched and painted, utilising concepts from Matisse’s autumn series and Miro’s floating objects in colours. It shows the changing of seasons focusing on autumn with its show of reds and oranges.

Sally Anderson is a practicing Australian artist who studied photography, fine arts, painting and drawing at National Art school, Institute of Technology and TAFE. She has settled in Maitland and is a co-director of BOLTspace Gallery. She mainly works in oils with large abstract works.

3D Web by Louisa Magrics

3D Web is a material composition that interacts with the environment in a unique site specific work. Louisa uses her understanding of coding, numerical sequencing and algorithms from her skills as a drummer in a meditation that creates a three dimensional form. This web is the first time Louisa has used coloured yarn in her creations.

The work references the delicate structure of spider webs, but its cubic form and yellow interior is also reminiscent of the inner stamen of flowers.

It's All Here by Bridget Taylor

It’s All Here is an abstract work bringing together just some of the many aspects of the wonderful city we live in. Farmers, producers, wine makers, chefs, restaurants, cafes, florists, crafts men and women, artists, galleries, markets and festivals, it’s all here.

The materials used are 90% organic bought and collected in the area. Interwoven with each other, the materials create a flow and a joining that voice unity and a need to support local.

Art School trained Bridget has successfully exhibited in many galleries and has worked  along side with  both Maitland and Newcastle councils.

Her love of colour and the natural landscape is reflected in both her paintings and sculpture.

Shadow Play by Ellie Hannon

Shadow Play blends into the natural world with organic shapes reminiscent of jungle undergrowth. Life spills from Shadow Play with a series of edible plants including turmeric, rosemary and curry leaves.

Ellie’s piece reminds us that the natural world is abundant but only if we care for it, rich but only if we invest in it and beautiful, but only if we look at it.

The Spin of Seasons

3D Web


It's All Here

Each Reach River Run

Shadow Play