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Earth Markets Maitland

Direct from the farm

Stop by The Shared Zone on the first and third Thursday of each month to pick up seasonal, local produce.

PAddock to Plate

The Earth Markets Maitland operate in The Shared Zone at The Levee on the first and third Thursday of each month from 8.30am.

Organised by the members of Slow Food Hunter Valley and community volunteers, you can pick up the fresh, locally grown and seasonal product at each market. The slow food movement values good, clean and fair.

Meet the farmer and learn more about where your food comes from at The Levee.

Meet some of the producers

The Dennis family
The Dennis family are planting the way to their future, cutting out the middle man and supplying locals with the freshest produce, straight from the fields. They are the quintessential farming family with strong community ties. Since moving to the region over 24 years ago they have developed a great network around them with other local farmers and generously donate their surplus produce to Slow Food Hunter Valley, reducing food waste, to a worthy cause.
Kelly Lee from Urban Hum
'We just set up in the backyard for pollination purposes, but when we weren't getting great pollination, we got a hive and it kind of just grew from there. We found that when you have honey bees you always end up with extra honey and I was out of work, so we started up an urban honey business. I like working outdoors but I am also a self confessed science nerd so the scientific aspect of taking care of insects really appeals to me. It allows me to work by myself with the bees, which I like, but I also really like people so the markets give me that opportunity to engage with the community and we do lots of teachings and talks as well.'
Tom and Dominique from four acre farm
'We like growing lots of different types of fresh produce. We like eating it, we like working outside, working with the seasons and we really like being able to sell it directly to the people who are going to eat it. We also love hearing from people who come back and tell us how much they enjoyed our produce and how fresh they thought it was, that's a good feeling.'
Sarah Sivyer from Just Been Laid
'I wanted to start something that would be complimentary to our existing beef business and really appeal to people who remember what eggs used to taste like. I am absolutely loving bringing people eggs from chooks that are living a lifestyle that makes them happy – in mobile caravans on fresh pasture. These eggs are also the freshest on the market. If you’re still hesitating about buying some, come and say hi and grab a sample for free so you can really taste the difference.'
Graham and Sarah Harris from Little Tin Shed
Little Tin Shed Medowie is one of a number of small farms making a big impression at the Produce Markets. Farmer Graham Harris and his daughter Sarah have loved bringing their fresh fruit and vegetables to the markets.
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