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Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about The Levee.

Driving in the shared zone

Why is the speed limit 10km/h in the Shared Zone?

The Levee Shared Zone is a space where pedestrians and vehicles safely share a common place. The Shared Zone can be accessed by vehicles going one way west bound on High Street between Bourke and Elgin Streets.

Within the Shared Zone pedestrians and vehicles are equal. The speed limit is 10km/h and there are no road lines, kerb or gutter, and drivers must give way to pedestrians.

Vehicles can only park in The Levee Shared Zone if they obey the signs and park in the marked bays.

How will I know if I’m in the Shared Zone?

The Levee Shared Zone is designed differently to the way people commonly think about streets and how pedestrians interact with vehicles. The space doesn’t look like a normal road and the street environment makes drivers and pedestrians aware of the different driving conditions.
There are also different surface textures and traffic calming features like these throughout the Shared Zone.

The signs below are used to clearly define the beginning of the Shared Zone.

A sign like the below one is used to indicate the end of the Shared Zone.

wi-fi at the levee

Is free Wi-Fi available at The Levee?

Yes, free Wi-Fi can be accessed in the public spaces of the Shared Zone, allowing users to connect and browse the internet, check emails and update social media.
The Shared Zone is defined as High Street between Bourke and Elgin Streets.

How do I connect to the Wi-Fi?

Connecting is simple with three easy steps.

  1. Select the Wi-Fi network ‘The Levee Free Wi-Fi’ in the network settings of your device.
  2. A page will be displayed where you are required to read and accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Once you press connect you will be directed to a page confirming you are connected to ‘The Levee Free Wi-Fi’.

To disconnect from The Levee Free Wi-Fi return to your network settings, press ‘The Levee Free Wi-Fi’ and select ‘Forget this network’.

The Levee Free Wi-Fi is limited to a total of 300mb of data usage, or a time limit of three hours from initial connection in any 24 hour period per user. See the terms and conditions of use here.


Is The Levee accessible?

The Levee is fairly flat but there are a number of different surfaces across the precinct and some that are uneven. 

There is an accessible toilet located in The Riverlink. 

Click here for further information on parking and available accessible parks.

riding at the levee

Can I ride my bike in the Shared Zone?

Cycling is a perfect way to visit The Levee, and with the Shared Zone open to traffic, cyclists are also encouraged to utilise the roadway to travel through the precinct.

Cyclists can only travel within the vehicle travel path which is east to west through the Shared Zone, and in both directions in Bulwer Street, while children under 12 years of age can ride on the footpath and adults supervising a cyclist under 12 may also ride on the footpath. The speed limit within The Levee is 10kph which also applies to cyclists.

What infrastructure is available to cyclists?

Cycling is a perfect way to visit The Levee and meet friends, take the family for lunch or grab a coffee on your way to work. Bike racks are available throughout The Levee, allowing you to secure your bike and have a browse in one of the many retail stores. You will also find water bubblers to hydrate yourself after your ride.

busking and amenities

What permits do I need to busk at The Levee?

Maitland City Council encourages busking at The Levee, recognising that street performance adds to the atmosphere of the city and helps to activate public spaces.

In General, Council does not issue busking permits, but welcomes buskers to perform who are prepared to comply with the Maitland City Buskers Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct clarifies the standards that are expected of buskers and assists Council to manage public space and the interests of the community.

What amenities are available at The Levee?

Located in The Riverlink you will find modern and clean amenities including female, male and accessible toilets, as well as a parents room.

There are also amenities available in Riverside Plaza and Pender Place.