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From yoga, to bike riding and relaxing coffee on a Sunday, The Levee is a lifestyle on its own.

meet me at the levee

The Levee is the perfect meeting place for friends, family and that perfect date night. 

Set yourself an alert for the first and third Thursdays of each month, when The Slow Food Earth Markets bring growers from surrounding small farms to Central Maitland, and taste the difference in organically grown fruit and veg. This bi-monthly pop up offers an ever changing variety of fresh produce, from season to season.

It’s so easy to pull up within walking distance of local shops, bars, cafes and restaurants, or with easy access from the surrounding suburbs such as picturesque Lorn, you can cycle down to The Levee along The Riverside Walk and right into the heart of the action.

You’ll find fresh water stations and bike racks dotted throughout the precinct, as well as park benches and shady trees ready to relax and take in all The Levee has to offer. 

Discover a hidden away NAB laneway which has been reimagined with eye catching planter boxes that create a sense of place. Keep an eye out for pop up street eats, street art and even impromptu piano players, bringing new life into these once forgotten corners of the city.

Make #TheLevee your next meeting place.