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With activations, workshops and more popping up in each laneway, there is a lot to discover at The Levee.

laneways across Maitland transformed

Maitlanes has now come to an end. Proudly funded by the NSW Government’s Streets as Shared Spaces program, the initiative ran from February to April and delivered seven unique laneway transformations and 66 programming sessions that helped support local creatives, entertainers, facilitators, artists, and businesses.

The project targeted laneways dominated by vehicles or underutilised spaces, and was designed to achieve the following: 

  • Create new usable public space with a strong connection with High Street
  • Improving walkability in the City Centre
  • Changing the hierarchy of the streets 
  • Supporting greater social connection

The purpose of the project was to feature a mix of creative and practical interventions that would test permanent change and strengthen the economic vitality of Central Maitland. 

While most of the Maitlanes treatments will remain unchanged, some laneways will have elements removed to reinstate access for vehicles. For more information about the status of remaining laneways, see each of the site locations below.  


Maitlanes sites

Preschool Lane

Drill Hall Lane & Unnamed Lane

NAB Laneway

Dransfield Lane

Coffin Lane

Moore Street

Stillsbury Lane


Did you visit one of the laneways? We’d love to hear from you through this short survey, which helps to inform future decisions about similar projects. Take the short survey here.

If you have any feedback, or would like more information about the Maitlanes project, please call the contact below who can assist:

Place Activation Team – Vibrant City

E: [email protected]

P: 02 4931 2800