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Mollii Australia


Mollii is a revolutionary assistive technology which aids in the therapy and treatment of people with spasticity and other forms of motor disability.

This two piece suit is specifically programmed to the needs of the individual, providing a unique, mild, low frequency electrostimulation therapy. Mollii helps the body relax and increase movement, function and activity.

Mollii prevents and counteracts different forms of muscle shortening and rigidity. The assistive device helps the user to regain control over muscular tension.

Mollii is used as a therapy by people with cerebral palsy, stroke, spinal cord injury, acquired brain damage and other diagnoses that lead to motor disabilities. More recently, Mollii has also had positive impacts on sport performance and recovery, mental illnesses, age related disabilities and behavioural disorders.

The wearer is fitted with the suit and an accompanying control unit which is then programmed during a professional assessment by a Mollii trained therapist. Electro-stimulation treatment progresses for a period of 60 minutes, targeting the specific muscle groups via the antagonist (opposite) muscles. This prompts lasting, natural reflexes such as Reciprocal Inhibition, to relieve muscle tension, imbalances, spasticity and other motor disabilities, thus improving range of motion, function and activity.

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