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The Book is Back!

Browsing your local bookshop is a tactile, warm and fuzzy way of discovery that you just don’t find online. At The Levee, bookshops are fun places where you’re made to feel welcome while your mind takes flight into a world of adventure, mystery and excitement!

Rediscover the classic comic books that spawned a generation of super heroes and be surprised by new ones based on your favourite TV shows. Scan shelves bursting with books for a holiday read that catches your interest; or sift through pre-loved books until you stumble on an exquisite cover or collector’s edition.

A good bookshop isn’t just about the books. Our independent booksellers are a passionate bunch who enjoy getting to know their customers likes and dislikes. Take the time to have a chat and ask questions. Even if it’s all new to you, you’re bound to leave with just the right book for any occasion or individual interest.

Think comic books are for kids?

Think again! We live in a visual age and comic books have come of age. DC and Marvel will never lose their lustre for all ages but did you know that some of your favourite TV and streaming series’ are based on comic books? Dark Horse, Lucifer, Outcast, Wynonna Earp and I Zombie for starters.

Comic books spark your imagination and get you thinking creatively because you have to process visual, spatial and textural elements to follow the storyline.

Neal from Tomcat Books and Comics is known for his eclectic selection of new and pre-loved books, graphic novels and thousands of comics, from retro to new releases and even framed, special editions.

Next level comic books are Graphic Novels, which are read like a book. They don’t always have graphic storylines but they do delve deeper into the characters and unfolding of events.

Locals look to Daniel at Comics Games and Entertainment for the latest in comic books, graphic novels and quirky merchandise. His life long obsession with sourcing unique editions evolved into this bricks and mortar shop front with a constantly changing range.

The thrifty way to indulge your love of a good read is your local book exchange where you can not only snap up second hand books at a bargain price, but return your books, once you’ve read them, to receive a discount on your next  purchase.

Vintage vinyl and especially records from the 80’s and 90’s Are big sellers at Maitland Book Exchange.

Owner Kayleen loves seeing so many young people still choosing to have a book in their hands and hearing someone say ‘you’ve made my day’ when they stumble on something to complete their collection. Ask about their loyalty club to accumulate even bigger savings!

Some book stores host book signings, which make great gifts or collectors items and can offer eye opening insight to the author’s story. Getting along to these instore events is a great way to make new connections in the community with others who have shared interests.

At McDonald’s Booksellers & Stationers you will sometimes meet popular children’s writers and Australian authors in store for book signings or readings. You can always expect good old fashioned, friendly service.

The kindle has its place but do yourself a favour and get to know your local, independent book store owner. They are excited about books and want to talk with you about them. You’ll feel a real sense of community, hear some epic yarns, and maybe even meet someone famous!