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Suit Yourself

Guys, you can’t beat the confidence a well cut suit and manscaping session can give you.

Buying a good suit is an investment in your image and 30 minutes spent with an expert outfitter before you buy is gold!

Look no further than Ken Lane’s Menswear at The Levee who’ve been in the biz of making local guys feel like a million bucks for three generations. They stock the biggest range of business wear and suits in the valley or can measure you up for something bespoke.

Lowes is a classic brand you will find in any mens wardrobe, with various sizes and styles to suit everyone’s budget too.

Here’s what you need to know to choose a suit that’s going to go the distance.

You’re going for effect with the fit. A good fit is all important. You won’t look laid back and therefore stylish if you’re stitched up in a suit that binds you.

Jet set good looks come down to finding a relaxed fit for your body type. Your suit jacket needs to be loose enough across the shoulders and chest for you to move comfortably. Too tight and you’ll appear uptight.

The waist button is key – too high or low and it will throw the whole look off balance. You can check sleeve length by standing with your arms by your side. If the jacket fits, the sleeve should finish at your wrist bone.

For a tailored look, don’t wear suit pants like jeans, which are designed to sit lower on your hip. Trousers should rest on your natural waist. Length depends on the image you want to project and is gauged by the ‘break’ or crease across the front of your pant leg where the hem meets your shoe when standing.

If you’re average height, you’ll get away with more patterns than taller guys, who are flattered by textured fabrics like flannel, or shorter guys, who should avoid bold plaids and opt for mid tones with smaller patterns. A fine pinstripe works best for a stockier build while muscular men are more suited to muted tones.

Remember that weighted fabrics will hold their shape better and wool won’t crumple like cotton, but you can get away with wearing a mid-weight cloth, year round.

For a timeless choice that will serve you for years to come, you won’t go wrong with a French navy or mid grey, single breasted suit. Smart enough for special occasions, you can also dress these down for a more casual look.

So now you’ve got your new suit, the barber shop beckons!

Back in the day, barber shops were more popular than pubs. Lucky for you, The Levee has plenty of both! Depending on where your feet lead you, you can find High Street Barber Shop at the entrance to The Levee, near the Post Office. Or head to the western end of High Street, you can find The Barbershop.

A well groomed gent would stop by regularly for a short back and sides or shave, just to chew the fat with the lads.

Seriously, you’ve not lived until you’ve gone under the barber’s knife for a traditional, single blade razor shave.

Draped in steaming face towels, you feel the tensions of the day melt away and the whole ritual finishes with a brisk dusting of fancy neck powder.